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Manufacturer: Spectra Precision

Product Information

The Spectra Precision® HR1220 Laser Receiver detects laser beams generated from line lasers that have a receiver or pulsed mode. The receiver detects both red beam and green beam lasers. It is compatible with current Spectra Precision models LT52R, LT52G, LT56 and LT58G. The receiver can extend the indoor working range of these crossline lasers as well as increasing versatility by allowing outdoor use when the beam may not be visible. The HR1220 includes a rod clamp for easy attachment to grade rods or staffs.

The HR1220 Laser Receiver features include large front and rear LCDs, dual horizontal and vertical level bubbles. A loud audible signal can be set to loud, low or off. The HR1220 is waterproof and dustproof to IP66 standards.

Product Code: HR1220



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