Ref: GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Policy


The introduction of the new GDPR rule on the 25th May has led us to review the data we hold for our customers and how we use it. We have 3 systems with similar data, SAGE for invoicing, and spreadsheet based lists of all job sheets and another of Calibration dates. What we hold for each is:

SAGE: Company name, address, telephone number, fax number, contact name and telephone number, email address and Website, where available. Used for invoicing and credit control. Shared only with our accountant at year end.

Workshop job sheets spreadsheet: Customer name, contact name, number and email, instrument serial number, work undertaken and cost, certification number, delivery note number.  Used  to book instrument in, raise Job sheet to process and progress repair, invoicing and recording of issued certificate number. Verify instrument serial matches record for instrument owner.

Calibration reminder:  Customer name, contact name, number and email, instrument serial number, Calibration done and due dates, date last letter sent. Used to send reminder letter of annual calibration due. Double check ownership.

As the information we have is minimal, readily available on line and not personal, is not shared with anyone outside of our employ, offers no harm to you or your company, is stored on password and anti-virus (Avast) protected computers, backed up on a password protect Network drive we feel we are covered under the Legitimate interests rule so are not seeking your permission to continue to send reminder letters. However if you prefer we didn’t then please let us know and we will remove that benefit.  You are welcome to view all and any information we hold about you.    



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