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Di and Max have over 30 years experience each in the surveying equipment industry. Working for Hall and Watts, selling and repairing Topcon instruments, a re-structure of that company closed the Stanton branch. Within a week, they were offered jobs with Toposell. That company grew, took over the Topcon agency from Hall and Watts and was taken over by Topcon. The Toposell name was forgotten and unregistered. When the situation at Topcon changed in 2007, Di and Max felt the best way to serve the customers, some of whom they had dealt with for 22 years, was to go it alone. An inspired idea from Di found the Toposell name available. They bought, registered the name and here they are, more than 10 years later!

Di started in sales working for Dalgety, selling agricultural machinery. Max has a wide range of experience repairing/servicing surveying equipment, from the latest total station and laser equipment to the very oldest antique vernier theodolite.

They both believe that customer service is paramount and hope to continue the service that they have strived to offer in the East Anglian region.

With our commitment to customer service, we are pleased to announce an exciting new venture with Trimble to supply Spectra Precision construction lasers and accessories, the Nikon optical and electronic surveying range and the SECO range of accessories. Trimble offered us a complete package, access to their full range, ongoing training and the ability to carry out in house warranty repairs on their laser product range.

We have our own card payment terminal. More ways for you to enjoy new equipment!



All the equipment is calibrated by factory trained staff with a certificate valid for one year. Our workshop has our Auto Collimator calibrated and certified annually at a UKAS laboratory (certificate available on request).





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